Our moisture-replenishing CBD Leave-In Conditioning Spray improves strength, manageability, and shine. This natural hair care product detangles and infuses hair with the benefits of CBD to prevent dry scalp while stimulating new hair growth and strengthening your strands.

Product Details

Key Benefits

Smooths and tames dry, damaged hair

Infuses hair with vital keratin proteins and our proprietary blend of marine botanicals to nurture, soothe, protect, and enhance your natural beauty

Improves performance of subsequent styling products for consistent results every time

Provides heat protection

May be used on damp hair or to refresh dry hair

Contains 98% pure CBD

Infuses your hair with keratin proteins and our proprietary blend of ethically sourced sea botanicals

Usage Tips

Use regularly as part of your hair care routine, preceded by Aquage CBD Hydrating Shampoo

Squeeze excess water from hair after shampooing and generously spray over the entire head

Comb through to distribute evenly

Follow with your choice of Aquage styling products


Currently unable to ship to the following states:
Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Louisiana.