Workable drying period for styling and texturizing
Locks in style and gives radiant shine
Excellent for thermal styling
Never sticks to ceramic flat irons

Product Details

What Is It

Firm-hold, non-aerosol hairspray with a workable 5-second dry-down period

Maximum hold thermal styling product that creates the longest-lasting styling support for a thermal set

Why You Should Use It

Delivers mega volume, firmest hold and maximum control with a flake-free brush-out

Increases the level of hold with each application

Seals the cuticle and protects the hair from thermal styling damage

Creates the strongest styling support for even the finest, limpest hair textures

When To Use It

Apply to dry hair before using a thermal tool

How Much To Use

Spray about 2-3 sprays on both the top and bottom sides of the section from roots to ends

How To Use It

Spray in full bursts from about 8 to 10 inches away from the hair, directing the spray toward the ends

Use a comb or run fingers down section to distribute product evenly and seal the cuticle

As a non-aerosol hairspray, generously mist as you shape the strands with your fingers. Hold the desired shape for 5 seconds as the product dries down and sets.

Pro Tip

For defined texture, mist working spray onto fingertips and apply to areas of the hair for more control.