Deep-penetrating moisturizer
Restores healthy condition and shine
Ideal for color-treated hair

Product Details

What Is It

A moisture-replenishing conditioner that helps to seals in hair color

Infused with nutrient-rich sea botanicals that strengthen hair from
the inside out

Why You Should Use It

Deep-penetrating moisture ensures optimal color retention and prevents fading

Restores healthy condition and shine to color-treated hair

UVB sunscreen protection guards hair color from sun rays

Neutralizes residual hydrogen peroxide following the color service

When To Use It

After cleansing with Color Protecting Shampoo or any Aquage shampoo that adreresses your hair concerns

How Much To Use

A nickel-sized amount

How To Use It

On clean damp hair, apply liberally to hair and scalp

Leave on for 1-3 minutes for intensive conditioning