Easily transforms any hair texture for silky, smooth, frizz-free results
Adds brilliant shine and silkiness without weight
Accelerates dry time by 40%
SeaExtend seals in hair color
Thermal-V protects against heat damage

Product Details

What Is It

Weightless argan oil/sweet almond oil treatment designed to smooth, silken and add shine

Why You Should Use It

Dramatically silkens and improves manageability on all hair types, while sealing, hydrating and protecting the strands

Reduces blow-styling time by 40%

Locks in hair color and protects against thermal damage

When To Use It

Prior to blow-styling or after styling

How Much To Use

2 pumps, depending on hair length and density. Apply more as needed

How Much To Use

Apply to evenly damp hair and comb through for even distribution•Apply on hair after it’s been styled

Pro Tip

SilkeningOil Treatment helps to slightly decrease the hold and intensity of any product while delivering the full benefits of the oil itself. Grab your favorite product and cocktail with Silkeniing Oil treatment for lightweight hold and shine.