Ultra-lite silicone polish
Dual-action formula
Emollient technology
Silken and smooth curly texture
Smoothes the cuticle

Product Details

What Is It

A fine-mist silkening and glossing spray that creates brilliant shine on any style

A thermal-protecting product that polishes, silkens and smoothes any hair texture

Why You Should Use It

Delivers brilliant gloss, shine and surface reflection

Protects hair against damage from thermal styling tools

Improves hair’s condition as it smoothes the cuticle, eliminates frizz and helps to detangle dry hair

Creates a humidity-resistant barrier that controls your style in high-humidity conditions

Acts as a “fabric softener” on stiff, coarse hair. Can also be used in tandem with a thermal flat iron to reduce the hair’s hold and increase flexibility if previously styled with an extreme hold styling product

When To Use It

Use on clean, dry hair

How Much To Use

Mist generously onto the strands as needed

Pro Tip

When dry cutting, Beyond Shine serves as an ideal dry-cutting lotion that allows the shears to glide through the hair, especially when performing advanced texturizing techniques!