High-molecular weight protein bonds
Deeply penetrates hair for added strength
Equalizes porosity and helps mend split ends
Seals out humidity

Product Details

What Is It

Weightless foam with body-building proteins, essential nutrients and healing Algaeplex®sea botanicals

Leave-in formula instantly penetrates the core of the hair shaft to infuse it with body, strength and moisture

Why You Should Use It

Designed to be treated as a “hair primer” to equalize porosity and create a smooth surface for layering on any Aquage Styling Product prior to blow-styling or air-drying

Rebuilds thin, lifeless hair from the inside out

Re-aligns and smoothes the cuticle for an exceptional silky feel and healthy shine

UVA and UVB sunscreen agents help protect haircolor and prevent fading

When To Use It

Apply to clean, evenly damp hair

Used before chemical services to reinforce the hair; used after chemical services to equalize porosity

How Much To Use

1-2 pump for thin hair; 3-4 pumps for thicker hair

How To Use It

On towel-squeezed damp hair, emulsify foam in the palms of hands

Evenly distribute the product from roots to ends

Comb through with a wide tooth comb to smooth and detangle the hair, then comb through with a fine-tooth comb to ensure even product distribution from scalp to ends

Follow up with Aquage Styling Product of choice and blow-style or airdry as desired

Pro Tip

Mist hair with volumizing treatment to equalize porosity prior to any chemical service. Think of this product as the "makeup primer" for hair. Apply it to evenly damp hair, then layer on any styling on top.