Unites hair strands to define curls, create texture and eliminate frizz
Firm, flexible-hold gel
Provides control and maximum shine

Product Details

What Is It

Firm yet flexible-hold, non-flaking, curl-defining gel that enhances and energizes any curl or wave pattern

Why You Should Use It

Provides ultimate hold, control and humidity resistance with a high gloss finish

Eliminates frizz while enhancing body and bounce

Provides the firmest hold when cup-diffused. Once completely dry and set, hair can be massaged and relaxed without flaking for a softer look and feel

When To Use It

Apply on shampooed, towel-dried hair

How Much To Use

Apply a quarter-sized amount in palms and emulsify in hands and between fingers before applying

Reapply as needed

How To Use It

Emulsify product in between palms and fingers before applying to the hair

For a softer finish with a medium hold, allow the hair to dry naturally.

For maximum definition and hold, immediately blow-style the hair using a cup diffuser with your dryer set to high heat/low airflow.

To avoid creating frizz, do not touch or scrunch strands while drying

Pro Tip

To achieve the firmest hold, humidity resistant and tightest curl, diffuse Defining Gel until it is 100% dry.

If hair feels firm the product has properly sealed each curl lock and has locked in the firmest hold and control.

To relax the curly, gently scrunch the curls starting at the ends and pressing upward toward the scalp. This will soften the crunch and relax the curl set without any flaking or dusting.