Lightweight mega-hold styling gel
Molds, shapes and creates detail on wet hair
Ultralight holding agents deliver strong control
Advanced formula never flakes
Excellent for blow drying or sculpted styles

Product Details

What Is It

Innovative firm-hold styling gel that combines two powerful holding agents to deliver strong control with a high-gloss finish

Why You Should Use It

Ideal for wet looks, or more sculpted blow-styled looks

Great for short to mid-length styles

Ultra-lightweight, yet powerful holding agents deliver strong control with firm-hold

Versatile, non-flaking formula

When To Use It

Apply on shampooed, towel-dried hair

How Much To Use

Apply a quarter-sized amount into palm

How To Use It

Apply in quarter sized amounts and emulsify in hands and between fingers

Blow-style or mold hair into desired shape and airdry

Pro Tip

For natural wave with hold:

When hair is damp, apply molding megagel to hair form roots to ends

Gather 2-inch sections and wrap in a pin curl

Tie with cloth to eliminate demarcations

Sleep with the set and take0out the next day for organic waves