Ultra-lite formula for textural control
Lubricates hair shaft for luminous shine
Algaeplex sea botanicals restore healtiness

Product Details

What Is It

Light-hold texturizer crème perfect for creating airy texture

Great for smoothing the outer shape of the style and controlling fly-aways

Why You Should Use It

Creates definition and separation while maintaining a natural look and feel

Smooths hair’s outer surface, eliminates fly-aways and enhances shine

Softens and tousles both straight and curly hair

When To Use It

Use on dry hair after achieving the desired base for your style

How Much To Use

Apply in pea-sized amounts on dry hair

Reapply as needed

How To Use It

Emulsifying between palms and fingers before applying to the hair. Re-apply until the desired level of texture has been achieved

Pro Tip

To eliminate flyaways and frizz when braiding or twisting the hair, place pea-sized drops of Detailing Crème on the back of your hand. This saves time and allows you to apply small amounts of product to your fingertips as you create your style.