Product Details

What Is It

Dual-purpose, ultra-lightweight styling and texturizing crème. Designed to replenish moisture and eliminate frizz on wet hair, or to create pliable movement, texture and shine on dry hair.

Why You Should Use It

Variable viscosity changes it from a medium hold, fibrous texture wax to a soft crème with the heat and friction of your hands

Texturizes, defines style, tames frizz and adds shine without weighing the strands down

When To Use It

On evenly damp hair before blow-styling

On dry hair to redefine the strands

How Much To Use

Apply in pea-sized increments until proper product absorption is achieved

How To Use It

Emulsify product in palms and between your fingers before applying to the hair

Thoroughly saturate each strand for ultimate definition and control

Comb through evenly from roots to ends with a fine-tooth comb to achieve even product distribution

Blow-style as desired

Apply to dry hair in pea-sized increments, delicately redefining the strands

Pro Tip

Precision Flexible wax is activated by the heat of your hands, it turns completely invisible and softens in viscosity, giving you time to work it down any length of hair! Once it loses the heat of your hands, it will stay invisible and will not turn white again, however the stronger hold will reform, giving you a strong, long-lasting hold and control!