Flexibility of wax with hold of hairspray
Directs, defines, molds and texturizes
Non-greasy forumla

Product Details

What Is It

Powerful texturizing paste that combines the flexibility of a wax with the holding power of a hairspray

Non-greasy, tacky formula lets you direct hair with fingers to create lasting texture with a modern, matte finish

Why You Should Use It

Creates hold and texture simultaneously

Provides long-lasting style retention, yet maintains strand flexibility

Ideal for short hair length

When To Use It

Apply to dry hair after styling to promote texture

For shorter styles, apply to wet hair

How Much To Use

Apply in pea-sized increments until desired hold, control and texture is achieved

How Much To Use

Emulsifying between palms and fingers before applying to the hair. Re-apply until the desired level of texture has been achieved

For maximum definition, flip the head upside down and tousle dry with the blow dryer set on high heat and high air flow to encourage strands to form and create maximum texture

On wet hair, allow hair to dry naturally or tousle dry with fingers and a blow dryer to create maximum separation and randomness

Pro Tip

After applying Transforming Paste, direct the airflow of your blow-dryer set to high heat/high airflow. This will tousle the strands, increase strand separation and shape and define your overall style. Next, lower your dryer to low heat/low airflow as you use your fingers to pinch and refine the finished look.