Control, define and craft random texture
Ideal for fine hair or medium to long lengths
Creates soft separation and organic texture with shine
Powered by invigorating Algaeplex sea botanicals

Product Details

What Is It

Ultra-light, medium-hold easy to spread cream that delivers soft separation and modern texture

Combines the texturizing ability of a paste with the weightlessness of a light-hold hairspray

Ideal for all hair types

Why You Should Use It

Creates a freshly tousled, piecey undone look

Ideal for enhancing texture or adding definition, all while taming frizz and flyaways

When To Use It

Use on dry hair after styling to create separation and organic texture

Use on wet hair for short styles

How Much To Use

Apply in pea-sized increments until desired hold, control and texture are achieved

How To Use It

Emulsifying between palms and fingers before applying to the hair. Re-apply until the desired level of texture has been achieved

On wet hair, allow hair to dry naturally or tousle dry with fingers and a blow dryer to create maximum separation

Pro Tip

For maximum definition, apply Transforming paste lite to the mid-shaft and ends, flip the head upside down and tousle dry with the blow dryer set on high. Transforming Paste Lite delivers the benefits of the classic version of Transforming Paste with HALF the grip and TWICE the “slip” with a shine finish!