Product Details

What Is It

Fast-drying, medium-hold texture and finishing spray, designed to enhance body, volume and texture without a heavy product feel

Why You Should Use It

Ultra-fine-mist application quickly dries down to lock in powerful volume, body and texture

Creates instant lift and organic texture with a natural, pliable finish

When To Use It

On dry hair, to create or refresh volume, body and texture

How Much To Use

Apply in layers, depending on the level of hold desired

Spray the hair from at least 8-10 inches away to achieve maximum performance

How To Use It

Spray in short, even strokes, always directing the spray toward the ends to completely seal the cuticle and create maximum shine

Pro Tip

Achieve the texture benefits of Dry Shampoo without the oil absorbency with Dry Texture Finishing Spray! This is the ideal spray to use when deconstructing thermal curl sets or when you need to add a slight amount of “grit” to freshly washed hair.