Long-lasting touchable hold
Locks out heat and humidity
Ultimate ColorCare with Thermal-V and UVA/UVB protection

Product Details

What Is It

Volume and texture-enhancing spray designed with Variable Flex Technology

Variable Flex Technology allows each individual strand to memorize the shape its being tousled into for long-lasting volume, definition and organic texture

Why You Should Use It

Creates modern, organic texture with a “no product” feel

Long-lasting texture memory allows you to simply scrunch the strands to re-energize the style

Protects hair color and provides UVA/UVB protection for prolonged hair color vibrancy

Thermal-V technology seals the cuticle to lock out heat, humidity and frizz

When To Use It

On dry, freshly styled hair

How Much To Use

Spray until the desired amount of volume and texture is achieved

This will depend on length and density of hair

How To Use It

Spray from at least 8-10 inches away, and in short bursts over finished hairstyle to achieve maximum performance

To activate Variable Flex Technology, use your hands to scrunch and tousle the hair as you simultaneously mist Volumizing Fix into the strands

Work from the top crown area down to the mid-shaft, ending at the ends to build maximum volume and texture

Pro Tip

The Variable Flex Technology of Volumizing Fix Hairspray provides shape memory. For hair that loses its shape, fast use a curling iron then mist with Fix Hairspray for longer-lasting style.