Finishing Spray (LVOC)

Ultra-light, ultra-fine, ultra-buildable hairspray to make any style last from day to night with a workable, brushable hold. Lock in that look!

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  • Ultra-light, buildable hairspray for long-lasting style retention with a workable, brushable hold
  • Ultra-fine mist builds hold, body and shine
  • Ideal for both forming the shape of a style and locking in your final style
  • Helps create a smooth surface that reflects light for brilliant shine
  • Layers from a medium to a firm hold with each application


All hair types
Pro Tip: Mist finishing spray on your finished look and use the can to smooth down fly-aways. Mist product and glide the side of the can down the hair from the roots to ends.


  • Spray product at least 8-10 inches away from the hair to achieve maximum performance.
  • Spray in short, even strokes, always directing the spray toward the ends to completely seal the cuticle and create maximum shine.
  • Finishing Spray can be used for hold and control or for creating volume and lift.
  • The further away from the head the product is applied, the drier the spray which delivers more effective hold.


Infused with body-building proteins, essential nutrients and healing Algaeplex® marine botanical.