Moisturizes as it creates soft, silky, diffused curls
Flexible polymers and ultra-light silicones smooth and define
Locks out humidity for lasting frizz control
Excellent for coarse, curly or unruly hair

Product Details

What Is It

Styling creme to moisturize, define and eliminate frizz on any curl or wave pattern

Why You Should Use It

Eliminates frizz and replenishes moisture on unmanageable textures

Perfectly defines natural curl pattern with a soft, natural finish

Ideal for clients who want to define their natural texture pattern without additional volume, hold or stiffness

When To Use It

Apply to freshly shampooed, evenly wet hair

How Much To Use

Apply in quarter-sized amounts

Reapply as needed

How To Use It

Emulsify product in between palms and fingers before applying to the hair

For a softer finish, allow the hair to dry naturally.

For maximum definition, immediately blow-style the hair using a cup diffuser with your dryer set to high heat/low airflow.

To avoid creating frizz, do not touch or scrunch strands while drying

Pro Tip

  1. Start with evenly damp hair.
  2. Apply AT LEAST twice the amount of curl defining crème on curly hair as you would straight hair.
  3. Comb through! Make sure that product is evenly distributed from roots to mid-shaft to ends! If you just scrunch it in, its only reaching the ends and the outer surface.
  4. Don’t touch! Until the hair has air-dried or diffused 100%, keep your hands out of it. Shaking, scrunching or tousling damp hair can create friction, static and frizz!